The first book in the series Cancer Epidemiology, Research and Theory titled Vitamin E and Lung Cancer Risk Models by Dr. Widad Akreyi has been launched NovoReads Group.

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Lung cancer is considered one of the most common and fatal form of cancer and as such, it requires urgent attention from medical researchers to slow its current epidemic proportions. This book analyses the dose-response relationship of vitamin E intake on the risk of developing lung cancer, with emphasis placed on both dietary and supplemental intakes of vitamin E, and the various barriers to identifying the biological processes that drive lung cancer formation. The book aims at improving our understanding of the empirical and mechanism-based vitamin E-lung cancer models, and to aid in developing new strategies for treatment and prevention of lung cancer.

– Sets the stage for a discussion on dose-response modeling;
– Offers briefly some defining aspects of carcinogenesis in lung cancer;
– Presents templates for distinguishing safe, beneficial and critical dietary and supplemental doses of vitamin E;
– Assesses the mechanism-based models, as well as the empirical dose-response models of vitamin E intake and lung cancer;
– Contains an overview of knowledge gaps that hamper effective and appropriately targeted (lung) cancer strategies; and
– Includes a coherent framework that can be useful not only when evaluating vitamin intake, but also that of other micronutrients, or macronutrients in relation to not only lung cancer, but also other cancers or conditions.