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Love in crisis. When life gives you lemons, what do you do? 

Vesta has learned the hard way how to make lemonade. The beautiful and strong-willed medieval doctor bears the unbearable. Her sufferings are innumerable. Intimidation, humiliation, gang-rapes, loss of loved ones, enforced miscarriage, psychological and emotional abuse, multiple surgeries, purificatory bathes, self-quarantine and isolation – this Kurdish woman has seen it all. The bloodthirsty fanatics who ruthlessly attacked her home disappear without trace or sufficient evidence to aid in her search for justice. Her relative and employer, King Saaid, sides with the attackers rather than the victims. 

Reality is too painful for her husband to handle. Ivar drowns himself in infidelity and alcohol which alters his mental state. Will her marriage fail? Can she leave the past behind and give her brutally murdered children a legacy beyond her grief? 

Told in a poetic narrative, Females of Valor is a compelling account of suffering and survival, with captivating characters, stunning plot twists and thought-provoking themes, most notably what it means to be loyal to those we love.

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About The Author

Dr. Widad Akreyi is a prominent humanitarian and human rights activist. A wDr. Widad Akreyi is an award-winning global human rights leader and a pioneer in the field of social justice. Known for being an icon of courage and a voice for the voiceless, she has been a major player in the quest for gender equality and compassionate solidarity. Originally from Kurdistan region (the southern part of Kurdland), Widad now lives in the West and holds a Master’s degree in genetics and a PhD in global health and epidemiology. Aiming to document the heights and depths, the joys and sorrows of human life with an original touch, The Viking’s Kurdish Love sheds light on the roots of current public health measures taken worldwide in the era of Coronavirus pandemic. Gleaming with clarity and charged with vitality, it links ancient events to today’s reality. Ask her about it! You can visit her at widad.org


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