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Roots of To-Be Templars is the third book in The Viking’s Kurdish Love series. It was published in August 2021.


Could you forgive the men who tortured you (or your loved ones) and murdered your children? Vesta could. Her husband couldn’t. The choices they made turned them into a legend.

Ivar vows to avenge the injustice done to his family – a promise which puts him on a path that leads eventually to Northern Europe, where he ends up in a dark place.

In his absence, Kurdland’s famous doctor oversees the health of her patients and develops a botanical garden. Seeds are sown. The roots grow as she builds a family with her Anatolian dog, her son Donovan, along with baby Marvin, sister Sandra from Rome, and sister Theodora from Athens. But life becomes increasingly complicated due to sinister plots that threaten the entire Kingdom.

Award-winning leader and author Dr. Widad Akreyi has masterfully woven historical facts and an ancient diary into a seamless tapestry. Meticulously researched, this unique story grips the reader’s attention with multiple encouraging messages, the most uplifting being that love – in all its forms and manifestations – takes root and bursts forth limitlessly, transcending the most distressing situations with equanimity.

About The Author

Dr. Widad Akreyi is a prominent icon of courage and freedom. The former senior lobbyist at the United Nations and multiple award-winner in the USA and Europe continues to play a major role in the quest for global peace and justice. Though her roots are in Kurdland, Widad lives in the West and holds a Master’s degree in genetics and a PhD in public health and epidemiology. Among her decorations are Pacem in Terris Peace and Freedom Award, International Woman Harmony Award, Davenport Mayor Medal, International Pfeffer Peace Award, and bridge-gap-between-cultures Prize. A Woman of the Year 2020, she inspires by the power of her example.

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