Nothing Remains Hidden is the fourth and last book in The Viking’s Kurdish Love series. It was published in August 2022.


With Nothing Remains Hidden, Dr. Widad Akreyi, a multiple award-winner in the U.S. and Europe, brings to a triumphant close her matchless, exceedingly clever tetralogy, The Viking’s Kurdish Love

In Scandinavia, Ivar is losing touch with reality after years of captivity. Aviard is tasked with securing his release. Successful at last, the French Abbot puts him on a boat that takes Ivar to Gotland, where he falls into a romance with Alfhild and meets Olaf Haraldsson, the to-be King of Norway. Next he journeys to Jerusalem, then on to yet another part of the world that is new to him. But no matter where he goes, fear for his wife, Dr. Vesta, torments him unceasingly.

In Kurdland, Vesta’s life is increasingly swirling out of control. Royal assassinations. Displaced sons and relatives. Rumors of Ivar’s death. A sick mother. Marriage proposals. Stressed-out friends. Once-peaceful, the Kurdish kingdom is riven by turmoil and famine.
Enduring all that is one thing, but erasing her love for Ivar is another.

Fate brought them together. Its cruel hand tore them apart. Will they ever reunite?

Entirely fresh and unpredictable at times, utterly human and hilarious at others, Nothing Remains Hidden is a sparkling gem of a read, complete with treasure, secrets, adventure and, of course, unrelenting love.

About The Author

Multiple award-winner Dr. Widad Akreyi is ambassador and jury member of International Woman Harmony Award. An ardent and indefatigable advocate of peace and a former senior lobbyist at UN, she is a major player in the quest for gender equality and justice. 

In a world that values strong leadership and diplomatic expertise, a talent like hers was quickly noticed. Her courage and devotion to humanity has been recognized with Pacem in Terris Peace and Freedom AwardInternational Woman Harmony AwardDavenport Mayor MedalInternational Pfeffer Peace Award, and bridge-gap-between-cultures Prize

Although born in Kurdland, her heart resides in several western cities scattered across vast continents. Widad holds a Master’s degree in genetics and a PhD in public health and epidemiology. 

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