About NovoReads  

NovoReads is a literary imprint at the NovoReads For Charity department of Defend International. NovoReads publishes historical novels, content-driven and subject-led books that encourage discussions about important topics like religion-based violence, terrorism and aggression. The main goal of NovoReads For Charity is to contribute to the development of societies, globally and locally, by fostering a culture of solidarity, justice and accountability. Our titles include scientific and/or academic books that have high quality in the areas of medicine, biostatistics, epidemiology and interdisciplinary research. 

NovoReads presents timeless books that push boundaries and inspire readers in multiple ways for decades to come. Founded in Norway, its mission is to do impactful work by raising awareness about gender equality, violations of human rights, injustice, slavery and crimes against humanity; and by facilitating the transfer of new understandings into the protection of the environment and public health. Its vision is simple. The department aspires to have a world in balance through identifying the real causes of conflicts and transforming them into tools that may increase the motivation to put an end to armed violence worldwide. The department works to realise this vision mainly by supporting the publication and promotion of manuscripts that provide worthwhile insights into the aforementioned topics.